Moonya Yoga Teacher training

Awakening of the Feminine Force of Nature

This training is for you, who want to dive into your feminine essence and learn simple yet effective yogic and tantric practices that merge your creativity, health, vitality and sensuality, which you can apply in your yoga profession.

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DATES: 6-8/5 & 10-12/6 2022. Welcome to MODULE 1 of the Moonya Yoga Teacher Training, which is held over two weekends, on the 6-8th of MAY & 10-12th of JUNE 2022 in Stockholm, Sweden. This training is for you, who want to dive into your feminine essence and learn simple yet effective yogic and tantric practices that merge your creativity, health, vitality and sensuality, which you can apply in your yoga profession.

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Shakti Yoga Immersion for Women

DATES: 22-28/8 2022. Experience, Embody and Enjoy Shakti – Your Feminine Force of Nature – through Shakti Yoga, Sisterhood, Sensual Awakening and Nature Connection, the 22nd to the 28th of August 2022, at Shambala Gatherings, Sweden.

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Moonya Yoga

Elemental Yoga

DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED. Through the elements we enhance our connection to the natural world and yoga becomes a way to find union with nature and cosmos within and around.

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Full Moon Ritual Yoga

DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED. Come and celebrate the Full Moon through letting go of what no longer serves you. This is a perfect moment to clear out whatever experiences, thoughts, emotions that are blocking you from living your dream.

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Ecstatic New Moon Yoga

DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED. In this New Moon class we will set an intention for our next moon phase, and then we will move and breathe our intention ecstatically through all our chakras in an embodiment ritual

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Moonya Yoga Facilitators Training

The Foundation – Module 1

30 Hours


This in-depth and experiential training is the first part of the MOONYA YOGA FACILITATORS TRAINING, which you can apply to if you wish to facilitate Moonya Yoga or Shakti Yoga. Moonya Yoga is a style of Shakti Yoga; the new movement of change within yoga, that awakens and celebrates the feminine energy through yoga.


I have developed Moonya Yoga in close connection with other women developing what now is coming to be called The Shakti Yoga Movement. I am grateful for all inspiration I have gotten and happy to contribute to this field with my specific flavor.


 What is Moonya Yoga? Read more about Moonya Yoga.

What is Moonya Yoga?

Moonya Yoga is a movement-practice created to awaken the feminine force of nature within you. Bringing to life your soft, sensual - yet wild and powerful - feminine nature. All while letting your inner wisdom guide you through each asana - trusting the body’s inherent energy to move and heal. Moonya Yoga is natural, enjoyable and deeply nourishing, not forcing anything.

The basic building blocks of Moonya Yoga are breath, sound, touch, stillness, energy work, self-inquiry, devotion and movement such as asana, shaking and free flow.

Feminine Yoga

Moonya Yoga takes into consideration the constitution of the female body, both physically and energetically. It also uses the connection to earth and sky to heal from a perspective of wholeness.
When you connect with your feminine energy, you heal, feel inspired, alive and in tune with yourself and the natural world of life.

Us modern Western women are very well trained in the masculine qualities and excel in structuring their lives. We manage many roles; being a mother, having a career, taking care of a home, being a good friend and a sexy spouse. With that strife for perfection, many of us get stuck in our heads and feel disconnected from ourselves and other people. We end up out of balance, longing for the feminine aspects to get space in our lives.

Traditional Yoga

Most widely offered yoga practices have been created by men for men and do not take into consideration the constitution of the female body, neither physically nor energetically. A masculine yoga practice can be truly amazing and rejuvenating for a female body, but if it is the only movement-practice it can be painfully restraining.

A Unique blend of Yoga, Tantra and Taoism

Moonya Yoga is a unique blend of Yoga, Tantra and Taoism. It is a new, yet ancient, way of relating to yoga from a feminine perspective, developed by Mira Moonya through her extensive studies in this field for the past 30 years.

Join the Feminine Yoga Movement

In each of the classes, courses, programs and trainings you will be given unique and simple yet effective tools for how to empower yourself through creating a deeper connection to your feminine body, your feminine flow, a sense of sisterhood and a deepening of your connection to nature as a resource in life.

Join the Shakti Yoga Movement and come practice Moonya Yoga with me through different classes, workshops, retreats or sessions. You can also train with me to become a Moonya Yoga teacher, or Shakti Yoga teacher, offering a feminine approach to yoga in your yoga profession.

Are you a female yoga teacher who wants to take your yoga practice and classes to the next level? 

Do you wish to deepen your connection with your feminine body and heart? 

Come join me then in the Feminine Yoga Movement and learn these Feminine Yogic Arts.

Love from the Roots and Up, 


Mira Moonya