private counseling

Awaken Your Feminine Force of Nature

Do you feel like you need some support in your life? Wanting to find out how to care for yourself as a woman?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, burned out by the challenging times we are living in?

I would love to hold space for you and support you!



I would love to support you, whatever you are going through, so you can bloom through the dark soil and into your integrated light. 

Through my own journey where I have traveled through hell and back to life,  and through my past 30 years of experience of holding space for feminine healing I know I can be of support to you!

In a meeting with me you will always be meet with authenticity, deep listening, soft nourishment, embodied presence and heartfelt support. 

The sessions are born fourth from my own exploration and research into finding greater health and healing for the past 30 years, and from my own life crisis and collapse in the year of 2020. 

”In these great times of challenge, which holds the potential of transformation, we need support more than ever. As we come together there is a space for you where you can heal, receive nourishment and clarity so that you can stand more empowered facing whatever challenges you are going through in your life. 

Many of us are finding ourselves more isolated than ever in our lives, and this affects our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. In a world where we have become increasingly polarised and divided I want to offer you a space of refuge where you can tap into the feminine energy, within and around. To be connected to this force can shine light on whatever you are going though in your life as challenges or potential transformation.”

Let me support you! 

Mira Moonya


The issues we could work on:

  • Creating a personalised practice that works with your life flow
  • Installing healthy habits and balance in your life
  • Releasing self hatred and destructive patterns 
  • Finding more love and healing with your self and your body
  • Fining sensual fulfilment in everyday life 
  • Changing your attitudes and mindset 
  • Bringing in more personal support in life 
  • Daily mini meditations and breaks 
  • Daily mini movement practices 
  • Morning and evening practices 
  • Eating hormonally healthy 
  • Learning soothing and resourcing techniques for your nervous system
  • Creating better sleep and sleep rituals
  • Learning tools for anxiety control
  • Finding your passion and creativity 
  • Learning to plan and move with your menstrual cycle
  • Healing your relationship to your feminine 
  • Emotional healing 
  • Healing with yoni eggs and taoist practices

The sessions could consist of: 

  • Grounding into your body through your breath, sounds and supportive movements
  • Somatic inquiry and mindful presence 
  • Soothing Regulation of your nervous system
  • Releasing tension through breath, sounds and shaking 
  • Moving through and harnessing insights from the challenge you are in
  • Creating a new clear intention to bring in the new life that you desire
  • Setting up a structure and support system that holds you in your daily life
  • Connecting to your deepest desires, longing and needs
  • Embodiment tools; feminine yoga and meditation, self care practices
  • Resourcing yourself through building an intimacy with the natural world and Spirit
  • Vision Quest, Self Inquiry,  Journaling, Self-Dialogue
  • Emotional Clearing work

It is time to come home Sister

To come home to the infinite love of the Earth Mama

And to allow Her to wrap Her loving arms around You

Knowing that You are Her

And She is Us

We were never separated

We just lost connection to this Primal Connection

of Belonging

And Now it is time to Remember

We are the Ones we have been waiting for

The Time is Now

You are home Sister