Feminine Empowerment

Awakening of the Feminine Force of Nature

Learn to live in more harmony with the rhythm of your female body, tap into the vast energy present in syncing up with your moon flow and the energy alive within nature and cosmos.

“I sat in my first Women´s Circle almost 30 years ago and from that point onward I knew that this would become the foundation of my life. Without the close connection and support of women I can clearly say that I would never be where I am at in my life, and that it has saved my life many, many times.

This strong foundation of Sisterhood and real authenticity is something I bring into the Feminine Empowerment offerings, as a way of living and being. 

I can’t wait to meet you Sister! 

Come join me and other sisters across the Planet.”

Love from the Roots and Up, 

Mira Moonya

As a teenager

As a teenager and young adult I was deeply confused and depressed, and considered leaving this world many times. I was filled with a dark hole inside, and despair, abuse and self-hatred seemed to be my deal in life. I truly hated my body, my life and myself.

As a young girl

As a young girl I had deep natural ecstatic experiences where I would get filled with an unexplainable joy and feel my whole body light up with a sensual aliveness surging through my whole body. I would feel completely fulfilled, whole, grateful and happy for no reason at all. This was my creative life force naturally arising, which I had no clue about then, but which I learnt about 20 years later. Sadly, I lost that natural, sensual and spiritual innocence, and got deeply lost in the matrix of the world.


Spirituality came into my life at the age of seventeen. It came out of a life crisis where I was left alone with an extreme anguish and meaninglessness. What was the point of it all? I asked myself. Why exist at all? What was the meaning of life? At that young age I started to seek answers, but at that time in the early nineties in Sweden there were really no spiritual advice to be found, not in the small town where I grew up anyway. I found one book about yoga and meditation and tried it out by myself at home.

The long search

That was the start of a long search that has taken me around the world and into all sorts of explorations of yoga, meditation, tantra, feminine embodiment, women’s circles, healing, alternative therapy, bodywork, s€xual healing, creative expression, breath work, shamanism and so on. I have lived ten years altogether in different spiritual communities with communal living, exploring to live this spiritual path as a life, as a path of relating.

This search for answers has not been an easy path at all, and many times I have wondered if it is really worth it. There have been so many pitfalls along the way, but the option of choosing another way of living has never been there for me, and the payoff that comes from following my heart and soul makes it all really worth it!

I believe

I now believe that all of those pitfalls and dark phases of my life serve me as a guide as it has created a deep listening and extensive amount of compassion. I have been through it all, seen it all, lost myself completely and found myself again anew with a deeper insight into love. I hope my story can truly inspire you to feel that you too can rise up from whatever dark hole you might be in. Together we can rise into who we truly are.

It is time to come home sister

To come home to the infinite love of the Earth mama

And to allow her to wrap her loving arms around you

Knowing that you are her

And she is us

We were never separated

We just lost connection to this primal connection

Of belonging

And now it is time to remember

We are the ones we have been waiting for

The time is now

You are home sister