About Moonya

Awakening of the Feminine Force of Nature

Moonya = A Feminine Force of Nature

Moonya’s Mission is to Empower You, Woman, to enjoy being in your body and to find your feminine force of nature within. 

Moonya’s Vision is that you, Woman, are living a more full, natural, authentic, interconnected, flowing, successful and pleasurable life. 


”I believe that women who are in connection with their wombs and real sensual aliveness can heal this earth. My mission is to help heal this world through the empowerment of the feminine wisdom within every woman’s body. 

To create spaces where women can embrace and love their unique beauty and alive expression of life force, in connection with nature and through community with other women.

My prayer is for each and every woman to experience this feminine empowerment and healing.”

Mira Moonya

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Mission & Vision

Moonya's Mission is to offer services that guide women via their bodies in reconnecting with and releasing their true and unique feminine wisdom, essence and force.

Moonya's Vision is women living more full, natural, authentic, interconnected, flowing, successful and pleasurable lives. 

Cyclical Nature

Moonya stands for the cyclical nature of woman and life. It is the connection to the mystery in life, the connection between the sun and the earth. The moon shines the light of the sun blessing the earth at nighttime… she is the feminine brilliance of the sun.

The Meaning

The name Moonya came to me in a womb meditation, as I felt that my womb is a portal to life here on earth and beyond. Our wombs are portals to the stars, the moon, the unseen otherworld and also to the manifest earthly world. Moonya captures for me the feeling of the moon and a ya; yes to that cyclical flow of life as we women are part of.

Moonya's Service

Moonya offers services that brings back the long lost magic of being in the feminine energy as Women.

In Moonya Yoga we dive deep into the feminine mysteries within the feminine body and soul.

And through Feminine Empowerment we anchor even more deeply into the feminine through Women's community, rooting into Nature & Spirit.

We are one Woman

Moonya serves women of all races, nations, ages, cultures, traditions, status and creed.

We come together as one Woman in remembrance of the Divine Feminine that unites all, and moves through us all, as unique pieces of embodiment of the Feminine Force of Nature.

Come take my hand

We belong to this Earth 

Let us run with the Wind 

Breath fresh Air

Drink pure Water 

We are Home 

This is Home 

You and I are free

Wild and free

Born out of the Earth and Returning back to Her

Come take my hand