Awakening of the Feminine Force of Nature

This shop will soon be filled with;

  • Moonya Yoga products and services
  • Mentoring Sessions
  • Beautiful handcrafted unique malas and other products created by Moonya
  • Amazing products that supports your feminine well-being, health and pleasure like essential oils, yoni eggs…
  • And anything else that lights me up, and hopefully you too!

Unique Ceremonial Prayer Mala

Your unique prayer mala will be created through a ceremony over the internet where you will be guided into your inner landscape of your heart. The colours and details of your necklace will be born from this heart space and then created uniquely by Mira. The Mala will be given a name and a dedication, a prayer that was born out of your heart ceremony.

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doTERRA Essential Oils

In my work with women’s health I love to add essential oils as a balancing and uplifting element in awakening our sensuality and vitality as women.

Would you like to order essential oils? Welcome to my Online Shop for doTerra’s high quality essential oils!

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