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In my work with women’s health I love to add essential oils as a balancing and uplifting element in awakening our sensuality and vitality as women. Would you like to order essential oils? Welcome to my Online Shop for doTerra’s high quality essential oils!

Would you like to order essential oils? 

Welcome to my Online Shop for doTERRA’S’s high quality essential oils!

Essential oils are carriers of different frequencies from nature and can deeply nourish us on a somatic and cellular level, especially if we use them with the Shakti Breath, allowing the oil to deeply fill us up with nourishment, relaxation and connection on each breath. 


The oils I use the most and which are great women’s oils are: 

Clary Sage (hormonally balancing and reduces cortisol/stress levels through just taking a few breaths with it, great to apply on womb during bleeding)
Geranium (supports the heart and self love, balances emotions and grounds emotions)
Bergamot (calming and revitalizing at the same time, great to apply on womb during bleeding)
Lavender (soothing, calming and balancing)


Connecting to the elements through essential oils are also amazing. I use some of these oils to deepen my connection with the elements and the natural world, especially when living in a city, but even as I am in nature. 

EARTH: Vetivers, Balance, Grounding, Clary Sage, Copaiba 

WATER: Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Deep Blue

FIRE: Passion, Bergamot, Wild Orange, Tangerine, Cedarwood, Motivate 

AIR: Whisper, Peppermint, Breath, Adaptiv

ETHER/SPIRIT: Frankincense, Serenity, Elevation, Sandalwood, Arise

I use the brand doTERRA, which creates super pure oils that are environmentally and sustainably resourced for all the people involved as well as nature. If you wish to buy these let me know as they are only sold through personal contacts. 

Here you find my shop to buy these top quality oils.


Love from the Roots and Up,

Mira Moonya


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