Unique Ceremonial Prayer Mala

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Your unique prayer mala will be created through a ceremony over the internet where you will be guided into your inner landscape of your heart. The colours and details of your necklace will be born from this heart space and then created uniquely by Mira. The Mala will be given a name and a dedication, a prayer that was born out of your heart ceremony.

These unique Malas are a reminder of your natural beauty of your souls essence. They are born out of your own sweet and wild longing. Through a guided ceremony I will guide you to your place of natural relaxation and beauty. In this guided journey within, where I hold space for you, you will find a deeper connection with yourself. Words will come that describe the landscape of your hearts deepest longing. You will receive the colors, the images, the textures and the symbols of your unique soul. In this safe space you can relax and allow the vision of your unique Mala to become clear. From this journey I will then design and create your unique Mala. It becomes like an altar to carry with you wherever you go. Your Mala will receive a unique name, blessings and a devotional dedication.

I use organic, fair-trade and recycled materials. In the making of your Mala I tune into your longing and put my heart and soul into the making of your Mala, as a ceremony in itself. Where ever I am in the world I will receive you in a ceremony of creating your unique Dakini Mala.

I have my studio in Bali, Ubud and in Sweden. I can also do this ceremony with you via Skype or via email.

From 2006 to 2013 I was running a business; Temple (Temple of Spirited Living) together with my business partner Susanna Nova. We created unique, custom-made pieces of spirited jewelry, to be worn like an altar, mirroring the inner place of beauty seen on the outside. Down below are pictures of these Temple malas and media coverage.


”The mala ceremony is a real in-depth experience. Mira guides you through your inner landscape in a deep meditation, she facilitates you to evoke pictures of dreams and inner longings that connects from your deepest self. From this beautiful journey she creates the most amazing mala, where your dreams and longings, the core of your soul is represented. This is truly a wonderful experience and from it you get a necklace that vibrates from your soul. I deeply love wearing mine!”

Hillevi Borga, Physiotherapeut, Sweden


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