We are in this together!

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I am reflecting back on the many changes I have gone through the past year, and one of the changes being that I am writing to you now.
Beloved One,
I am reflecting back on the many changes I have gone through the past year, and one of the changes being that I am writing to you now. As you know I have been very silent for the past 2 years, going through my own initiation and integration of finding my light in the darkest night within myself and in relationship to the world. 

I feel myself emerging like a phoenix with even more love and care for this earth and the healing medicine of the feminine, which is needed more than ever. As I was walking through my own hell last year, unsure if I was really going to make it, you were with me. The thought of being able to come back to you with diamonds extracted from the dense dark hell I was in, kept me going. I had to find a way to survive for your sake, and for mine as well. 

You see, I believe everything happens for a deeper reason. For love/life wants to liberate us, even in our darkest hour of excruciating pain. Well this is easy to believe when things are going smooth, but when everything falls away and you are left with nothing but pain in body, mind and spirit, what do you turn to then?

To me even the notion of a loving force fell away, and the only thing I could turn to as a light was you. Yes You. The thought of making it back to you, through the dark night, with my naked hands and heart, kept me going. Knowing that we are in this together, we all count and we are all needed. So thank you for being a light for me, even if you didn’t know it.

Allow me to be a light for you now. I will take your hand and together we will journey through heaven and hell. That is my invitation, so please share with me, if you wish, what you have been through these past years, and what you are longing for now. I am here for you. We are here together and we belong to this Earth.

Some of the changes I am seeing in the world, does not feel good in my heart and soul. No at times it really worries me. And then I have to resource myself even greater to see the greater picture and to know why I choose to come to Earth during this challenging time. Being in a tribe with other beings that practice love, inclusion, listening and acceptance feels more important than ever as narrow-mindedness is spreading like a disease. Which is why I have created a FEMININE NATURE CIRCLE as an answer to that need. I am happy to welcome you into this safe circle space.

Another thing that is brewing, as a response to the world we are living in right now, is a Feminine Nature Tribe. There will be both a Free Global Tribe where I will share my inspiration in the field of feminine empowerment. I will also create a Feminine Nature Tribe as a membership where you will receive monthly content as well as support for a small monthly fee. I will post more about this as it manifests. 

Some changes you will notice from here on is that my brand will undergo a whole new change and upleveling, including all my offerings. As you might have noticed my brand now goes under: MOONYA – A FEMININE FORCE OF NATURE, which describes more rightly my passion and mission in this world. I am building this new website and will be happy to invite you into that magical space in the beginning of 2022. Yay I am so excited!

Take care loved ones, and know that I am here with you, whatever is going on in your world. I made it back from hell so that we together can create our next version of heaven. It might not be easy but I will try as long as I am here on earth. Just know that good things will come your way from me, and that we will journey through heaven and hell together! Together we are strong. 

Lots of love, health and magic connection,
Mira Moonya


Women’s International Day 8/3 2022

Hi Beauty,
I hope you had a beautiful day on Women’s International Day! Did you miss any of my free events that I held that day?

Don’t worry you can take part of them here!